The XVIth International Congress of Celtic Studies

Hello everyone! Like many Celticists I am looking forward to a week of fun at the XVIth International Congress of Celtic Studies, which is held in Bangor this year, from July 22-26.

I am extra excited because this year I have formed a team with the fabulous Nike Stam and Elva Johnston to give you a tripple whopper on the history of martyrologies in Ireland. The session will be called Mapping Irish martyrologies: creation, composition, and manuscript copies. Nike will be discussing the commentary to the Félire in the two Brussels manuscripts and Elva will focus on the martyrology of Máel Muire Ua Gormáin.

The title of my paper will be Irish Saints Between Past and Future: the Language of Memory and Identity in the Félire Óengusso.

Update: unfortunately my attendance at this event had to be cancelled due to having been admitted to the hospital.

Happy St. Óengus’ Day!

Welcome to my page about Óengus and the text he is most famous for: the Félire Óengusso or Martyrology of Óengus. What better day to launch this blog than his very own feastday!

On this page you will find information about the Félire, about Óengus himself and the manuscripts containing the text, all of which will be supplemented regularly by new posts about the text, its history, relevant events, and entertaining bits of information. I am running this blog as part of my project on the Félire Óengusso, as part of which I am preparing a new edition and study, so feel free to get in touch if you have questions or contributions. I hope you will enjoy reading with me!